*Please note that if you checked out as a guest (using the "Buy Now" button), you CANNOT access transposition or MIDI playback. An account is required to use the Viewer.*

After you purchase the digital sheet music you need, use the OnlineSheetMusic Viewer to view, transpose, play, and print your scores. The Viewer will synchronize with your account and download all of the music you have purchased to its Score List. Please note that NOT every product supports transposition and midi-playback; this is listed above the preview of the sheet music on the product page.

MAC VIEWER: If you have trouble installing the Viewer, click here.

Your Username is the email address you registered to make your account.
Your Password is the same as your account password.
Both are case-sensitive, so "Test" and "test" are different.

Note: You only need to download the Viewer ONCE. If you have already downloaded it, follow these steps.

1) Open the Viewer
        PC: Start Menu -> Online Sheet Music Viewer or use the shortcut on your desktop
        Mac: Finder -> Applications -> Online Sheet Music Viewer
2) Log in with your email and password for OnlineSheetMusic.com if prompted
        Username is your email address.
        Password is your account password.
        Both are case-sensitive.
3) Click the synchronize button, which looks like a zig-zag, located on the upper-left. This will refresh your score list to include any new music you've purchased.

For more information and help, please view the Users Guide at the link below and watch the Transposition Tutorial.

SheetMusicNow.com User Guide

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