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  Title Artist Scored For Features
The Story Of Beauty Destiny's Child Piano/Vocal/Chords
Performer: Destiny's Child
Publisher: Hal Leonard
The Story Of The Blues Part 1 Wah! Piano/Vocal/Chords
Performer: Wah!
Composer: Pete Wylie
Publisher: Hal Leonard
The Summer Music Dave Brubeck Piano/Vocal/Chords Transposable Midi Playback
Performer: Dave Brubeck
Features: Playback , Transposable
The Sun Doesn't Like You Norah Jones Piano/Vocal/Chords
Performer: Norah Jones
Composers: Norah Jones , Lee Alexander
Publisher: Hal Leonard
The Sun Is Shining Third Day Piano/Vocal/Chords
The Sun's Gonna Shine on You Vince Gill Piano/Vocal/Chords Transposable Midi Playback
Performer: Vince Gill
Composers: Vince Gill , Reed Nielsen
Features: Playback , Transposable
The Sunshine Trail George Gershwin Piano/Vocal/Chords Transposable Midi Playback
Composer: George Gershwin
Features: Playback , Transposable
The Supermen David Bowie Piano/Vocal/Chords
Performer: David Bowie
Publisher: Hal Leonard
The Sweetest Days Vanessa Williams Piano/Vocal/Chords Transposable Midi Playback
Performer: Vanessa Williams
Features: Playback , Transposable
The Sweetest Punch Burt Bacharach Piano/Vocal/Chords Transposable Midi Playback
Publisher: Control
Features: Playback , Transposable
The Swing INXS Piano/Vocal/Chords
The Swing 911 Piano/Vocal/Chords
Performer: 911
Composers: Kennedy,E , Sheyne,P
Publisher: Hal Leonard
The Talkin' Song Repair Blues Alan Eugene Jackson Piano/Vocal/Chords
Performer: Alan Eugene Jackson
Composer: Dennis Linde
Publisher: Hal Leonard
The Taste Five for Fighting Piano/Vocal/Chords
Performer: Five for Fighting
Composer: Five for Fighting
Publisher: Hal Leonard
The Teacher Paul Simon Piano/Vocal/Chords
Performer: Paul Simon
Publisher: Hal Leonard
The Tear Of The Year Jackie Wilson Piano/Vocal/Chords
Performer: Jackie Wilson
Composers: Gary Geld , Peter Udell
Publisher: Hal Leonard
The Things We Did Last Summer Frank Sinatra Piano/Vocal/Chords
The Things We Think We Are Ervin Drake Piano/Vocal/Chords Transposable Midi Playback
Composer: Ervin Drake
Features: Playback , Transposable
The Tide Is High (Get The Feeling) Atomic Kitten Piano/Vocal/Chords
Performer: Atomic Kitten
Publisher: Hal Leonard
The Time I've Lost in Wooing Traditional Piano/Vocal/Chords Transposable Midi Playback
Composer: Traditional
Arranger Norman Monath
Features: Playback , Transposable
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