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  Title Artist Scored For Features
Shirtsleeves Ed Sheeran Piano/Vocal/Chords Transposable Midi Playback
Performer: Ed Sheeran
Composer: Ed Sheeran
Features: Playback , Transposable
Shit Song Kate Nash Piano/Vocal/Chords
Performer: Kate Nash
Composer: Paul Epworth
Publishers: Hal Leonard , Universal
Shiver Jamie O'Neal Piano/Vocal/Chords
Performer: Jamie O'Neal
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Shiver Maroon 5 Piano/Vocal/Chords
Performer: Maroon 5
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Shiver Natalie Jane Imbruglia Piano/Vocal/Chords
Shoe Box Barenaked Ladies Piano/Vocal/Chords
Performer: Barenaked Ladies
Composer: Steven Page
Shoe Shine Boy Sammy Cahn Piano/Vocal/Chords
Performer: Sammy Cahn
Composer: Saul Chaplin
Publisher: Hal Leonard
S'hoibt Mir Ohn Tsu Gefel'n (I'm Beginning To Like It) Sholom Secunda Piano/Vocal/Chords
Shoot First Judy Collins Piano/Vocal/Chords
Composer: Judy Collins
Publishers: Hal Leonard , Universal
Shoot Straight from Your Heart Vince Gill Piano/Vocal/Chords
Performer: Vince Gill
Composer: Vince Gill
Shoot The Rhythm To The One That Wants It Irving Mills Piano/Vocal/Chords Transposable Midi Playback
Composers: Irving Mills , Henry Nemo
Features: Playback , Transposable
Shooter Robin Charles Thicke Piano/Vocal/Chords
Shooting Star Alan Menken Piano/Vocal/Chords
Composer: Alan Menken
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Shopping On The Internet Piano/Vocal/Chords
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Arranger Alison Hedger
Shortie Like Mine Chris Brown Piano/Vocal/Chords
Shot Of Love Bob Dylan Piano/Vocal/Chords
Performer: Bob Dylan
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Shoulda Let You Go Keyshia Miesha Cole Piano/Vocal/Chords
Shouldn't Come Back Demi Lovato Piano/Vocal/Chords Transposable Midi Playback
Performer: Demi Lovato
Publisher: Seven Peaks Music
Features: Playback , Transposable
Shout The Glad Tidings Piano/Vocal/Chords
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Show Boat - The Story Jerome Kern Piano/Vocal/Chords Transposable Midi Playback
Composer: Jerome Kern
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Show Show Boat
Features: Playback , Transposable
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