Online Sheet Music Viewer Keyboard Shortcuts


Start playback of a score


Pause playback of a score


Stop playback of a score

↑ (arrow key up)

Slow down tempo of score playback

↓ (arrow key down)

Speed up tempo of score playback

Ctrl + 0

Open the Page Layout tab to customize the score view

Ctrl + 1

Adjust score view: Zoom to Width

Ctrl + 2

Adjust score view: Display two pages side by side

Ctrl + 3

Adjust score view: Zoom to Fit

Ctrl + I

Open Instrument Settings window

Ctrl + L

Open Score Lyrics window

Ctrl + O

Open a song from your computer

Ctrl + P

Print current score

Ctrl + T

Open the transpose score window


Jump to the first page of a score


Jump to the last page of a score


Go to the previous page of a score


Go to the next page of a score

Ctrl + G

Jump to a specific page of a score


Open the Online Sheet Music Viewer Online Help


Hide/Unhide Score List Panel