Printing Scores

To print a score, make sure the score is open in the right-hand side of the viewer and select File > Print from the Menu Bar.


Alternatively, you can use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P.

A window pops up displaying the number of remaining copies you may print for this score.


Click OK to continue. A new window will open where you can select your printer and adjust your printer properties.


When you have adjusted all your settings, click OK to start printing. Two more messages will appear.



Do not close the Online Sheet Music Viewer until all pages have printed. Click Yes in the second popup window to confirm that printing was successful or click No, Retry to try again.

No Remaining Print Rights

If you try to print another copy after you have used up your print rights for a score, you will receive the following warning message.


If you require additional copies of the score, please go to the OnlineSheetMusic.com website to buy additional copies.