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(2 Flutes)

Picture of Duetto Op. 2 No. 3
$11.99 (USD)


Picture of Largo in d minor
$10.99 (USD)

(Flute/Harpsichord or Piano)

Picture of Sonata e minor
$13.99 (USD)


Picture of Sonate b minor
$12.99 (USD)

(Flute/Flute or Violin/Continuo)

Picture of Trio Sonata a minor
$16.99 (USD)

(Flute or Oboe/Violin/Continuo)

Picture of Trio Sonata D Major
$12.99 (USD)

(2 Oboes/Continuo)

Picture of Triosonate e minor
$14.99 (USD)
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