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(Double Chorus/Piano)

Picture of 4 doppelchörige Gesänge, Op. 141: No. 4, Talismane
$4.99 (USD)


Picture of Calm At Sea (Meeresstille)
$3.99 (USD)


Picture of Die wandelnde Glocke, No. 17, Op. 79
$4.99 (USD)

(Four-part Mixed Chorus/Piano)

Picture of Drei Quartette (Three Quartets), Op. 31
$7.99 (USD)


Picture of Five Songs, No. 5: Unüberwindlich
$4.99 (USD)


Picture of Goethe Lieder, No. 29 - Anakreon's Grab
$4.99 (USD)


Picture of Jägers Abendlied
$4.99 (USD)


Picture of Lied Lynceus des Türmers, No. 27, Op. 79
$4.99 (USD)


Picture of Lieder und Gesänge, Op. 96 (Volume IV)
$5.99 (USD)

(Four-part Mixed Chorus/Piano, Four Hands)

Picture of Neue Liebeslieder Walzes, Op. 65, No. 15  ("Zum Schluss")
$2.99 (USD)

(Four-part Mixed Chorus)

Picture of Six Lieder and Romances, op. 93a, no. 6: Beherzigung
$1.99 (USD)
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