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Composer Sammy Nestico
Publisher Fenwood Music Co., Inc.
Pages 418
Language English
Scored For Book / MP3
$99.99 (USD)
Scored For: Book / MP3
Composer: Sammy Nestico
Features: Folio
$99.99 (USD)
A reference guide and how-to book that no serious student of arranging should be without – comprehensive, practical and versatile. 103 tracks of MP3 audio demonstrate solo and ensemble instrumental colors, textures and styles. The presentation is thorough and logical – basics first, specific components next, then advanced techniques for putting it all together. Includes chapters on special purpose instruments, making MIDI work for you, and the symphonic band. "An extended private lesson in arranging with Sammy Nestico! Very clearly written, it speaks to the student preparing to write a first arrangement about fundamentals and to the advanced/professional writer about vocal accompanying, woodwind writing, scoring for strings and harp, and much more. There's an abundance of first-class examples in concert score form (most included on the well-recorded CD), and Sammy's discussion about the arranging process is unique, I have never read a more insightful book on jazz arranging!" -- Gary Lindsay, Director of Studio/Jazz Writing, University of Miami